Profitable Ideas: Purchases That Get Better With Time, What to Tell Your Kids About Your Finances, and More.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Why experiences (not things) get better with time, according to science (No Sidebar). I couldn’t agree more. Most of my favorite purchases have been experiences, which I spent a lot of time anticipating and have spent a lot of time recalling fondly. Have you set up your day-to-day finances to provide enough margin for experiences such as travel?

4 overlooked perks of a high credit score (CNBC). Make sure you pay your bills on time. It’s the most important factor when determining your credit score.

Want to save money on car insurance? Fix your credit (The Simple Dollar). A deeper dive on one of the perks mentioned in the CNBC article.

Financial education flunks out — and here’s what’s being done about it (MarketWatch). Good lessons for parents intent on teaching their kids about money — keep your teaching grounded in the real world.

If any of these habits seem familiar, now’s the time to change (CNBC). It’s not too late to end the year strong, financially.

Pick a better health insurance policy (Kiplinger). Open enrollment season will be here soon. Here are some recommendations.

How much should your kids know about your finances? (US News). I like this article’s emphasis on transparency and helping your kids know how you got to where you are—the tradeoffs you’ve made, the priorities you’ve followed, and more.

How to craft a life you don’t need to escape from (Becoming Minimalist). If you’re looking forward to the weekend or your next vacation a little too much, maybe it’s time for some changes to your Monday-through-Friday life.

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