Profitable Ideas: Managing Your Kids’ Expectations, You Need an Estate Plan, and More.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Managing gift expectations with your kids during the holidays (Marriage, Kids and Money). The earlier you start, the better.

Is pet insurance worth it? (Washington Post). In two words, probably not. Here’s why.

A teacher defaulted on $55,000 in student debt—loan rehabilitation offered hope, but now he owes $130,000 (CNBC). Horror stories like this should provide added motivation for parents to do all they can to help their kids avoid borrowing for college.

Why are so few using 529s? (The Belle Curve). Even parents who are saving for college seem to be going about it in the wrong way.

Tiny improvements, big results (A Wealth of Common Sense). “Pay yourself last doesn’t work very well.” Indeed.

Black Friday isn’t what it used to be, forcing retailers to adapt (CBS Money Watch). Do you usually try to take advantage of Black Friday sales? Are you planning any changes this year?

Being generous makes you happy—and makes your kids generous, too (Fast Company). Setting a good financial example is the best way to raise wise money managers.

Estate planning isn’t just for millionaires (A Teachable Moment). Especially if you have kids, you need a will.

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