Profitable Ideas: Sales That Are Too Good to be True, Guide to Holiday Tipping, and More.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Where are sales too good to be true? (Consumer Reports). Those deep discounts may not be all that they appear to be.

Don’t get blindsided by home repair costs (MarketWatch). I generally recommend budgeting at least $200 month for maintenance and repairs, but it depends on the age and condition of your house.

13 ways to increase your odds of landing an interview (according to data) (Four Pillar Freedom). Some of these factors are outside of your control, but others are well within your control.

What I learned from tracking my spending for a month (NY Times). You’ll learn so much from one month of tracking that you’ll want to keep tracking.

Why money is always more than a math problem (She Picks Up Pennies). Nicely written post about the dangers of slapping a logical financial solution on someone without understanding what they’re really dealing with.

How we used geographic arbitrage to retire 9 years ahead of schedule (Rockstar Finance). Moving to an area with a lower cost of living can make a huge difference—something more people should at least consider.

6 apps that help you save on prescriptions (Wise Bread). Prescription meds can be maddeningly expensive, but it’s never been easier to find out if there are lower cost alternatives.

5 guidelines for happier holiday tipping (Nerd Wallet). Advice for who to tip and how much.

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