Profitable Ideas: Raising Generous Kids, Financial Death by a Thousand Cuts, and More.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Want to raise generous kids? Here’s how  (Washington Post). Three recommended steps, but the first one is the most important one.

How to decide whether to relocate for a job (Harvard Business Review). Making a pro/con list will only get you so far. Here’s how else to frame the decision.

If you want to be happy (A Wealth of Common Sense). Some good advice, especially for those with a type A personality.

Are Health Care Sharing Ministries a Viable Alternative to health insurance for early retirement? (Can I Retire Yet?). If you use a health care sharing ministry, what’s been your experience.

The next big risk to your security is your child’s video game habit (MarketWatch). Teach your kids to beware.

The London shop that sells Christmas gifts for refugees (Positive News). “The shop where customers can spend hundreds, walk away with nothing, and feel great about it.”

This holiday season, $16B will be wasted on unwanted gifts — it’s time for a new approach (Fox News). Don’t worry, this isn’t a finger-wagging lecture. It’s good advice from an author who is not anti-gift.

Subscriptions: Death by a thousand cuts (Rockstar Finance). Once you sign up for a subscription, lethargy can keep you locked in to the payments for a long, long time.

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