Profitable Ideas: 7 Financial Concepts You Should Know, A New Way to Recycle Your Christmas Tree, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Seven ideas (Humble Dollar). Personal finance knowledge everyone should have.

Dismantling my dreams, one brick at a time (Slate). All those home renovation shows make it look so easy. But one couple found out it’s much tougher than it looks to flip a house.

5 budgeting myths you should ignore to succeed (The Balance). Are any of these myths holding you back from using the single most powerful personal finance tool available?

50 ways to improve your finances in 2019 (US News). You’re bound to find at least a few ideas on this list that’ll be helpful to you.

Recycle your Christmas tree by feeding it to a goat (USA Today). Check with your local zoo. You might just start a whole new family tradition.

The way American parents think about chores is bizarre (The Atlantic). A surprisingly controversial—and very touchy—subject. How are you doing the whole chores thing in your household?

How to return and exchange your unwanted holiday gifts (Wired). How to return gifts responsibly.

10 money mistakes everyone makes at the beginning of the year (Magnify Money). Stated more positively, here are some more ways to get the new year off to a good financial start.

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