Profitable Ideas: The Science Behind Your Money Habits, A Money Mistake Many Couples Make, and More

Every week, I look through lots of personal finance articles. Here are some of the best.

What science reveals about your money habits (Magnify Money). There’s more going on behind the scenes of your financial decisions than you realize.

The easiest retirement choice (Of Dollars and Data). Boiling retirement savings down to one especially important decision.

We have to fix fashion if we want to survive the climate crisis (Fast Company). This article is mostly directed at companies, but of course we have an important role to play. It’s about buying fewer, better pieces of clothing.

You’re the ‘money person’ in your relationship? That’s problematic (NY Times). It’s natural for one person to take the lead, but too much leadership can be a mistake.

Follow the leader is a child’s game — not a retirement strategy (A Teachable Moment). Social proof proves harmful.

Just a little bit more (The Irrelevant Investor). The fallacy that happiness is just one more purchase away.

The stigma of choosing trade school over college (The Atlantic). College isn’t for everyone, and other paths can work out just fine.

Credit freezes aren’t foolproof (Kiplinger). Just because you put your credit on ice doesn’t mean you can let your guard down.

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