Profitable Ideas: The 7 Factors That Lead to Wealth, Give Your Budget a New Name, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

The seven factors: behaviors that lead to wealth (The Simple Dollar). Some people build wealth and some people don’t. Here’s what makes the difference.

Thanks to Facebook, your cellphone company is watching you more closely than ever (The Intercept). Why marketers are glad you wouldn’t go anywhere without your cellphone.

Are you still supporting your college graduate kid? (USA Today). Ideas for weening your kids off your economic outpatient care.

Urban Outfitters launches clothing rental service (MarketWatch). Renting is the new buying.

7 car-care myths that need to die (Kiplinger). Cars are expensive, so make sure you know how to care for yours.

Saving for specific goals may keep you more disciplined (The Street). Maintaining separate accounts for specific goals helps provide the motivation to save.

Late singer Aretha Franklin allegedly wrote three wills, but they may not be valid (MarketWatch). Do you have a will?

If ‘budget’ bums you out, try renaming it (US News). A budget isn’t something you go on like a diet; it’s a tool you use to manage money well. (I was very pleased to be interviewed for this article.)

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