Profitable Ideas: ‘Anchoring’ for Profit, What Millionaires Drive, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

How ‘anchoring’ empowers this personal finance author to make better spending decisions (NBC News). Marketers use ‘anchors’ all the time. Create your own and you’ll save money.

How to reclaim your time to focus on work that really matters (Fast Company). How to be effective in this age of distraction.

Working teens and Roth IRAs: a perfect investing match (Vanguard). Teach your kids how to work, and then teach them how to make their money work.

Over 1,000 shopping sites, from J. Crew to Walmart, are deceiving users, study shows (Fast Company). A helpful look inside the marketer’s playbook.

Why your luxury car is unlikely to materially boost your happiness (Abnormal Returns). You actually can drive what millionaires drive, and you’d be wise to do so.

Hacking your way to the best hotel rate (NY Times). Recommended apps and strategies for those who are prone to wander.

The curious origins of the dollar symbol (BBC). Be prepared for the next lull in a conversation with this money trivia.

This is what death cleaning taught me about life (Becoming Minimalist). Lessons learned from the possessions a loved one left behind.

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