Profitable Ideas: Whether Your College Kid Needs a Credit Card, The Market Will Crash, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Can your college kid handle a credit card? (Independent Advisors). Be sure to teach them the rules of the road for wise credit card use.

My biggest FI demon — status anxiety (Monevator). Great article that expresses what so many of us experience as we try to manage money wisely and counter-culturally.

The only benchmark that matters (Reirement Field Guide). Why comparing your investment returns to “the market” can be a mistake.

Why did my car insurance go up? (Clark Howard). Did you know that using roadside assistance can count against you?

Yes, the stock market is going to crash (A Wealth of Common Sense). It’s just what the market does every now and then.

Financially supporting your adult children? Don’t let it jeopardize your retirement (Kiplinger). For parents of young kids, this is why to give them increasing levels of financial responsibility. 

Here’s when buying in bulk is really worth it (US News). I’m not sold on the “benefits” of warehouse clubs? How about you?

Can you get cancer from tap water? New study says even ‘safe’ drinking water poses risk (USA TODAY). Oh, man. There goes one frugal solution down the drain.

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