Profitable Ideas: Secrets of Super Savers, What Science Says About How to Spend, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

The number one thing people with fat savings accounts scrimp on that you likely don’t (MarketWatch). Cancelling the daily latte will only get you so far. Here’s how to really free up some money to save.

So, your adult child moved back home. Here’s how to set limits — fast (Money). Got a boomerang kid? It’s good to establish some rules.

Why we bought a brand new car (JL Collins). Running this well-written post is proof that I can be (somewhat) reasonable when it comes to car-buying!

How to spend your money, according to science (Big Think). Eight ideas for spending smart.

You’ll be able to put more money into your 401(k) in 2020, but not your IRA (MarketWatch). New rules for the new year.

Using the “Eisenhower Box” to set spending priorities (The Simple Dollar). A simple quadrant system for making better decisions.

A graceful exit (Humble Dollar). Helpful guidance for thinking about what you’ll leave behind, and how.

Is it lifestyle inflation or do I need to adjust my budget? (She Picks Up Pennies). What happens when a well designed budget meets the real world. 

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