Profitable Ideas: The Science Behind Saving, You Might Be Destroying Your Home, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

The science behind why saving for retirement is hard (Fast Company). Understanding how your brain sometimes leads you astray may help you save more.

Just in time (Humble Dollar). Take the financial well-being quiz linked to in this article.

College degrees used to make families wealthier. That’s no longer true (Worth). The income premium still exists, but the wealth premium has declined sharply due to student loans.

Advertising makes us unhappy (Harvard Business Review). The headline’s conclusion may be intuitive, but in a day and age when marketing messages are embedded into the fabric of daily life, it’s worth taking the time to consider their influence.

You don’t need more things in your life. You need different things. (Becoming Minimalist). The importance of consciously deciding what to add and what to subtract from our lives.

How to make plans to provide care for your pet if you can’t (Forbes). What will happen to Rover if something happens to you?

What are Americans doing to destroy their homes? (The Simple Dollar). If you don’t keep up with these maintenance items you could be setting yourself up for some big repair bills down the road.

Setting your kids up for financial independence (Kiplinger). How to help your kids launch well.

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