Profitable Ideas: Looking for a Stock Market Bottom, How Delivery Apps Eat Your Budget, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

How does the stock market bottom? (The Irrelevant Investor). “The most important thing for investors that are worried, and that probably includes all of us, is to keep in mind that this too shall pass.” I also have to say that times like this tell us whether we’re using an investment strategy we truly trust.

The easy path to retirement (The Simple Dollar). Despite this week’s market activity, there are some aspects of investing you can control. Put your focus there.

This simple list could save you if your credit cards are ever stolen (Clark Howard). Good advice, especially if you have a trip coming up.

Environmentalism, frugality, and minimalism: The triumvirate that’ll save you money and simplify your life (Frugal Woods). All three are in vogue, but have you combined them?

Up to 91% more expensive: How delivery apps eat up your budget (NY Times). The quest for convenience comes at a cost.

Busyness is laziness (Becoming Minimalist). This idea offended me at first (Like most people, I’m busy!), but the author makes some challenging and helpful points.

You’re miserable at work. Here’s what to do short of quitting (MarketWatch). Don’t suffer in silence. One of these steps is bound to help.

When minimizing was the only option (No Sidebar). One family’s honest story of navigating a tough season of unemployment and health issues. 

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