Profitable Ideas: This is Your Brain on Market Volatility, Blessed Are The Recyclers, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Don’t lose it (Humble Dollar). What happens to your brain when the markets go crazy.

Blessed are the cobblers, recyclers, and thrift-store shoppers (Christianity Today). How should our faith guide us in a throw-away culture.

You can afford that item you want — but should you buy it? (CNBC). “The more energy you put into understanding what you’d like your money to do, the better idea you’ll have if something is a good choice for you.”

GoodRX save money on meds—it also shares data with Google, Facebook, and others (Consumer Reports). When a good deal comes at a surprising cost. 

The best places to sell your cell phone (Clark Howard). Got an old phone or two sitting around in a junk drawer?

Dollar cost averaging vs. lump sum: The definitive guide (Of Dollars and Data). This article looks at the question from a pure dollars and cents perspective, but there’s also an emotional side

How to avoid the temptation to keep up with the neighbors (The Simple Dollar). Six strategies for living your life, not your neighbors’ lives. 

Car buying new or used: Use data to see which is better (Kiplinger). Some helpful tools for comparing all the costs.

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