Profitable Ideas: When Investing Gets Uncomfortable, The One Guarantee in the Stock Market, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Everybody’s talking about it (The Irrelevant Investor). To invest, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable sometimes.

Here’s what happens when you panic and sell your 401(k) investments (USA Today). In short, nothing good.

Why you probably don’t want to mess with your target-date fund (Morningstar). Avoiding the temptation to act.

The one guarantee in the stock market (A Wealth of Common Sense). “To win in the stock market over the long haul you must be willing to lose over the short-term.”

The special kind of imposter syndrome that comes when you’re not broke anymore (NY Times). When you can afford it, but still have a hard time spending the money to buy it.

Breaking your bad spending habits (Living Well Spending Less). “Probably the greatest temptation each of us faces when we realize our spending is out of whack is to pretend like there’s no problem at all.”

How one woman eliminated stress from her life by simplifying her wardrobe (Forbes). Less time shopping, fewer decisions to make — what will you do with all that extra time, and money?

If your child’s failure to launch becomes a money problem for you (Next Avenue). The importance of avoiding “the enabling trap.” 

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