Profitable Ideas: The Easiest Investment Decision Now, The Morality of Shopping, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

When dollar cost averaging matters the most (A Wealth of Common Sense). If you’ve been making monthly contributions to a retirement account, the best decision you can make right now — and the easiest — is to keep making those contributions.

Ten things to do without leaving your home to improve your financial well-being (Pete the Planner). Profitable steps you can take while you’re stuck at home. 

10 sources of emergency cash, ranked from best to worst (Morningstar). If you’re short on money, here’s how to evaluate your options.

30-year mortgage rates are back near record lows — for some borrowers (Money). If you refinance, just don’t reset the payoff clock past your intended retirement age.

Should we still go shopping (online)? (NY Times). “Shopping now is as much a moral as a consumer question.”

How to make smart money decisions during the pandemic (Art Rainer). Good, practical advice. 

Win the day (Brinker Capital). New goals for the new time we find ourselves living in.

This is the most fun way to make your life awesome (pandemic edition) (Barking up the Wrong Tree). How to be part of a new, very positive pandemic.

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