Profitable Ideas: The Coronavirus Gold Rush, Make the Most of Your Time, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

The coronavirus-driven gold rush (Axios). Apparently, a lot of new investors have been drawn to the stock market, thinking there’s easy money to be made. Please have a plan! 

How the current crisis could impact the future of fashion forever (Worth). “Clothing” is so much more than a budget category. How we spend on clothing is just as important as how much we spend. Interesting how the pandemic may impact the industry long-term.

The 10-minute hurdle (Per Diem). A good post about making the most of our time, about doing the hard work that truly matters.

The best way to get more financial aid — ASK (A Teachable Moment). Especially now, universities may be open to providing more.

The simplest way to make up for portfolio losses (A Wealth of Common Sense). When the market is volatile, your investments can feel like they’re out of control. But there’s at least one important factor that always remains firmly in your control.

Ok, people: It’s time to think big (Morningstar). This strange era we’re living in contains some great opportunities. Here are some ways to think about your financial opportunities.

We’re all realizing life is not found in material possessions (Becoming Minimalist). Minimalism may have found its moment. I know I don’t miss most (not all) of the things I’m not spending money on right now. How about you? 

The best sites to search for jobs by industry (Clark Howard). Some good resources for those who are out of work.  

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