Profitable Ideas: Buyer Fatigue, Unconscious Financial Competence, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

I don’t feel like buying stuff anymore (BuzzFeed). Will the pandemic reorder our spending priorities?

Want to be more productive? Try doing less. (HBR). A convicting — and possibly inspiring — look at how much of a typical 40-hour work week is actually productive.

COVID-19 notes: 401(k) loans under the CARES Act (Pete the Planner). It’s easy to tap your retirement savings, but it might not be very wise.

Does your state’s 529 plan pay for itself? (Morningstar). You can invest through any state’s plan, but before you wander from home, be sure you know the benefits of staying in-state.

The way to win right now is to give, not hoard (Medium). A call to live other-centered lives in the midst of lockdown.

Unconscious competence, frugality and your money (The Simple Dollar). Making sure your financial autopilot is set properly.

9 things you’ll regret keeping in a safe deposit box (Kiplinger). It may be counterintuitive, but for some things, that lockbox at your bank isn’t the safest choice.

Roth IRA conversions are surging. Here’s why this retirement savings strategy is so popular right now (Money). An important way that a market downturn can be beneficial.

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