Profitable Ideas: When Investing Becomes Gambling, The Ripple Effect of Each Purchase, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Some things about the markets that will never change (A Wealth of Common Sense). This year’s crazy market has attracted lots of people who are more interested in gambling than investing. What could go wrong?

Lasting changes COVID could make make to our finances (Evidence-Based Investor). Take note of any changes you’ve made that you want to maintain after this crisis has passed.

Knowing me (Humble Dollar). Learning how to maximize your personality-driven financial strengths, and manage your weaknesses, will pay significant dividends. 

If you care about the environment, stop feeling guilty. Feel angry instead. (Behavioral Scientist). The far-reaching impact of our purchase decisions is complicated, and important. 

Beating anxiety and stress without spending money (The Simple Dollar). There’s a lot of online retail therapy going on these days, but more profitable options are available.

Falling into the gap year (NY Times). With so much uncertainty over what college might look like in the fall, an increasing number of high school seniors might take a year off.

How much do your friends and family know about your finances? (Money Ning). I’ve appreciated the accountability and good ideas that have come from sharing details of our finances with a handful of close friends. How much have you shared?  

Pass along life lessons with an ethical will (Kiplinger). Good ideas for laying out more than just who gets what.

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