Profitable Ideas: Popular Kids Earn More, Protecting Your Summer Vacation, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Sigh. Popular kids earn more money as adults, new research suggests (Money). Career success isn’t just about grades. It’s about social skills.

What if? (Humble Dollar). No one could have seen the pandemic coming, but there are a lot of risks you can anticipate, and manage.

Hidden treasure chest filled with gold and gems is found in Rocky Mountains (NPR). Quirky story about a novelist who brought his story to life.

Should people stop using cash in a post-COVID-19 world? (Reader’s Digest). Has using physical money become just one more unnecessary risk?

10 ways caring for the environment saves you money (One Cent at a Time). Steps you can take to save money, and the planet.

Why so many people are getting into the stock market (Of Dollars and Data). Putting money in the market for all the wrong reasons.

12 tax deductions and credits that help you pay for college (Kiplinger). Every little bit helps, so if college is in your family’s future, make sure you get all the tax breaks you’re eligible for.

New rules for travel insurance during the summer of coronavirus (Money). If you’re traveling this summer, make sure you’re protected. We’re planning to rent a lake house and got the company managing it to add a lease agreement clause related to the pandemic.

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