The Critical Importance of Following a Trustworthy Investing Strategy

It’s been a wild ride in the stock market this year — from an all-time high in mid February to a 34% drop over the next 16 trading days to a roaring comeback. And who knows what’ll happen next?

This year has highlighted the importance of following a trustworthy investment strategy. I went on something of a rant about this topic a few weeks ago (read/watch Is Another Market Crash Coming?) after watching a video from another blogger who told his many followers he had sold most of his stocks and was buying Bitcoin. What was the basis for these moves? He cited only some scary headlines and his own intuition.

We can do better than that. We need to do better than that. As stewards entrusted with the responsibility to manage wisely the resources that have been generously, temporarily entrusted to our care, we need a trustworthy strategy to guide our investment decisions.

What are some examples of such a strategy? I’m glad you asked.

Are your investment decisions being guided by a trustworthy investment strategy?

Take it to heart: “Plans succeed through good counsel.” – Proverbs 15:22

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