Profitable Ideas: Hard Money Lessons, So You Want to be a Real Estate Investor, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

The economy was grim, my dad walked out and every penny mattered: here’s what my childhood taught me about money (USA Today). This one is a wow. Every parent should read it.

The “indirect” costs at college can involve nasty surprises (NY Times). The costs go well beyond tuition and room & board.

5 time management tips that will make you more money (Money). You may not have the flexibility to try all of these, but there are some good ideas here, like slotting the right tasks into the right hours.

Refi or not? (Humble Dollar). The new math of when it makes sense.

What’s so bad about fast fashion anyway? (Moral Fibres). If you look behind the curtain of the fashion industry, you won’t like what you see, but it might change how you buy.

How it’s totally possible to gain 17-28% annual returns through real estate (My Money Wizard). A lot of us have probably toyed with the idea of investing in real estate. Here’s a good, high-level look at how the numbers work.

10 things to do if your identity is stolen (US News). Helpful guidance for the worst-case scenario, and even better, how to avoid it.

The capitalist and the Christian hedonist (Desiring God). As capitalism comes under attack, this long read is well worth the time. (H/T to my friend, Jon, for sending me this article.)

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