Profitable Ideas: A Pandemic-Inspired Great Financial Reminder, Running in Place, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Coronavirus makes emergency funds look like a great idea (Financial Planning). The pandemic is providing a good opportunity to shore up our financial habits and practices. Do you need to create or add to an emergency fund?

Fractional shares expose Wall Street greed (Bloomberg). I like the ability to buy fractional shares, but I realize there can be a downside, too.

The cautionary tale (Monevator). Speaking of downsides, the big stock market dip earlier this year seems to have introduced some people to investing as a form of gambling.

Getting emotional (Humble Dollar). How rational are your financial decisions?

How much more time on the hedonic treadmill? (Medium – h/t to Zach at Four Pillar Freedom). This is a concept that more of us should better understand. Are you running in place, financially?

10 inspirational quotes that forever changed how I view possessions (Becoming Minimalist). The “why” behind the clutter-free home.

How financial apps get you to spend more and question less (Wired). Tax planning and investment apps may not be giving you all the information you really need to know.

Who are the most generous? Not who you’d expect (Christianity Today). God doesn’t need the money, but we need the many benefits that come from living the generous lives we were designed to live.

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