Profitable Ideas: How to Save on a Cell Phone, Some ‘Lifestyle Creep’ is Okay, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

You can save a ton of money buying a refurbished iPhone. But finding the best deal can be tricky (Money). As with most things, last year’s must-have model will be less expensive than this year’s.

Now’s the perfect time to switch to a cheaper phone plan (Wired). If you’re getting a new phone, might as well try to save on your service plan as well.

My regrets (Humble Dollar). It’s usually less painful to learn from other people’s mistakes. Here’s where a long-time financial writer wishes he could have a do-over.

New grads should take (almost) any job that pays (Yahoo Finance). It might not be perfect, but it can keep you engaged and possibly open doors to a better job.

The biblical reasons for going ‘low waste’ (Relevant Magazine). A Christian’s responsibility to care for God’s creation.

Avoid these 4 big home insurance mistakes (MarketWatch). I would also make sure you have water/drain backup coverage, which is different than flood insurance.

How much lifestyle creep is okay? (Of Dollars and Data). As you earn more, it’s natural to upgrade in some areas. Just don’t go too far too fast.

Procrastinators, it’s not too late to refinance your mortgage and save thousands (Money). Especially if you’re planning to stay in your current house for a while, it might make sense to refinance. I would avoid resetting the 30-year clock, though.

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