Profitable Ideas: The Happiest Uses of Money, The Risk of Playing it Too Safe, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Spend your money on these three things to increase happiness, according to science (Becoming Minimalist). Good reminders about some of the best uses of money.

5 ways to land a promotion (besides showing you’re a hard worker) (Fast Company). How to be intentional and create a plan, knowing it may take time.

Are we trading our happiness for modern comforts? (The Atlantic). The odd disconnect between so many improvements in the quality of our lives and the lack of improvement in our happiness.

401(k) and IRA penalties that don’t apply in 2020 (US News). Not that you should go raiding your retirement savings, but it’s good to know the rules.

The big problem playing it too safe with your money in our 20s (The Woke Salary Man). I firmly believe that when you’re young, one of the biggest risks you can take with your investments is playing it too safe.

Your retirement plan isn’t a democracy (A Teachable Moment). The huge advantage of getting started with your retirement savings sooner than later. 

Undisclosed: most homebuyers and renters aren’t warned about flood or wildfire risk (NPR). Take the time to research whether you are adequately covered.

Make your first home your last: the case for not moving up (NY Times). It’s certainly counter to what most people do, but when it comes to managing money, going against the grain of our culture is often the most profitable path!

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