Profitable Ideas: Investing Lessons From a Crazy Year, The Importance of Knowing Your Financial Story, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

My 2020 investing lessons (A Wealth of Common Sense). My take-away? Find a strategy you’re comfortable staying with in good times and bad, and then stay with it.

The reasonable optimist (Collaborative Fund). When it comes to investing, the best mindset is to expect long-term gains and short-term pain.

A risk to your financial plan you aren’t talking about (All About Your Benjamins). It’s hard to put this one into a calculator, but you should at least consider a few what-if scenarios.

Help today’s self (Humble Dollar). When it comes to wise money management, the payoff often comes down the road. Here are some steps you can take for rewards right now.

7 ways to motivate your kids (without paying them!) (Money Ning). There are plenty of other ways to reward good behavior.

What’s your financial origin story? (Monevator). Really knowing your financial story, and that of your spouse, is so helpful in managing money as a team.

Why is there financing for everything now? (The Atlantic). The opportunities and incentives to get in trouble financially seem to keep growing. All the more reason to be intentional in our use of money and to teach our kids well.

Why Christians don’t tithe (Christian Stewardship Network). Good, helpful thoughts about a topic that many people find challenging.

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