Profitable Ideas: What To NOT Do In 2021, How To Stop Stressing About Money, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

The year of the quitter. Seven things to stop doing in 2021 (Value Walk). A stop-doing list can be even more beneficial than a to-do list.

More information is available about which college majors pay off, but students aren’t using it (Washington Post). Sure, follow your passion, but at least know what you’re getting into financially.

Ode to a Civic (Humble Dollar). It’s a timeless principle of wise money management: buy cars infrequently.

The year shopping changed forever (Vox). Which of your new shopping habits are likely to stick?

How the economy is actually doing in 9 charts (NY Times). A powerful depiction of 2020.

Are mortgage points worth buying? (US News). If you’re planning to buy a home in the new year or are thinking about refinancing, this is a question you’ll need to answer.

Insuring a vacation home is surprisingly expensive. Here’s how to cut premiums (Money). The pandemic spurred lots of vacation home purchases. If it’s a dream of yours, be sure to understand all of the costs.

Why should I give my kids a student credit card? (Money Ning). Far better to teach our kids how to use credit while they’re still under our roof than have them figure it out on their own.

3 ways to stop stressing so much about money (Relevant Magazine). Good, biblical advice for experiencing the “life that is truly life.”

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