Profitable Ideas: Becoming Financially Resilient, 7 Simple Life-Changing Habits, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Are you financially resilient? (Incognito Money Scribe). Some good, practical steps you can take to build a financial life that can take some hits.

3 ways you’ll still pay at the vet even if you have pet insurance (Money). If you’re thinking about buying a policy, beware of all that it won’t cover.

7 daily habits to change your life forever (Becoming Minimalist). Great ideas for adding more joy to our lives.

The stuff you buy isn’t nearly as recyclable as you think. Blame corporate America (Fast Company). Do you ever get the sense that our current habits around recycling are more about feeling good than doing good?

How can we gauge our own success? (Retirement Field Guide). Deciding what really matters is helpful in vetting opportunities.

Toy rotation: what it is, why do it, and how to implement it! (The Simplicity Habit). Overwhelmed by all the toys? Your kids probably are, too.

Working from home: can you claim the home office deduction on your 2020 tax return? (Kiplinger). It all depends on your employment status.

How people learn to become resilient (New Yorker). This week’s first article dealt with the externals of resilience. This one deals with the internals. There are a lot of financial implications here—for ourselves and how we’re raising our kids.

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