Profitable Ideas: More Time for Taxes, Putting Colleges to “The Lasagna Test,” and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

IRS extends tax return filing deadline to May 17 (Kiplinger). You have more time to file and pay any amounts owed for 2020. However, if you make quarterly estimated tax payments, the first installment for 2021 is still due in April. 

Child tax credit 2021: Who gets $3,600? Will I get monthly payments? And other FAQs (Kiplinger). For many parents, this will be a big deal.

Confused about marginal vs. effective tax rates? Here’s how they differ (CNBC). We don’t all need to become tax accountants, but we should know a few key things about taxes.

Can your college pass the lasagna test? (A Teachable Moment). An important and very underrated factor in choosing a school.

Twelve truths (Humble Dollar). Some great, bite-size words of wisdom about money.

How to stop getting those pesky car extended warranty calls (Reader’s Digest). I got one of these calls while writing this post! Not anymore. 

Why housing is a good hedge against inflation (A Wealth of Common Sense). Understanding some of the long-term math related to home ownership.

About the house (Humble Dollar). This story violates many conventional principles of wise money management (and in the second paragraph, proper behavior!), but there’s something about it I like. Maybe it’s the idea that sometimes it’s okay to make financial decisions that don’t make sense on a spreadsheet.

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