Profitable Ideas: The Cost of “Free,” How to Raise Money-Wise Kids, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

Low cost is better than free (Daniel Egan). “Free” appeals to our senses, but it usually comes with hidden costs.

How to make up lost ground if you got a late start saving for retirement (A Wealth of Common Sense). It isn’t a lost cause, but don’t try to catch up too quickly.

Two keys to managing money well (Christian Stewardship Network). “Years ago, I learned that a loss of peace is often the Holy Spirit’s last resort to getting you to hear and obey what he’s trying to say to you.”

Showing the way (Humble Dollar). Five ideas for raising motivated, productive children.

Preparing your information for disaster (The Simple Dollar). This is one of those back-burner things that really needs to get moved up.

How to save at the grocery store (NY Times). Practical ideas for managing what, for most people, is one of their largest expenses.

Can you use your FSA and HSA to buy masks? The IRS just quietly changed the rules (Money). It makes sense that such money could be used for such purposes, and now it can.

Why I agreed to receive financial help from someone who needed it herself (Christianity Today). Interesting, candid article about the difficulty many of us experience receiving help from others.

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