Profitable Ideas: Doing the Work of a Lifetime, Everyday Kingdom Investments, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

The only way to do the work of a lifetime (Tim Challies). Taking duty from drudgery to delight.

It’s hard to kill the stock market (A Teachable Moment). The key to 95% of wealth creation.

How food banks succeeded and what they need now (NY Times). There’s so much need, and there’s a role for each of us to play.

Your guide to decoding financial aid letters and choosing a college you can afford (Money). One more way that paying for college can be such a challenge, along with some helpful advice.

20 ways to save on health care (Kiplinger). It’s a huge expense for many of us. Here’s where to look for savings.

How to invest in Kingdom ministries (Christian Stewardship Network). A wonderfully expanded view of generosity that makes Kingdom investing an everyday sort of thing.

What to know about the kiddie tax (US News). If you have this problem, it’s a sign that you’ve done a great job getting your kids started with investing. 

This is the sign of a great thinker (Inc.). Helpful career management ideas.

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