Profitable Ideas: The Financial Question on Most People’s Minds, Buying Happiness, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

How much should you have saved in your 30s? (A Wealth of Common Sense). “The entirety of personal finance can be drilled down to one question: Am I going to be OK?”

Still paying for college at 65: a growing number of Americans are retiring with student debt (Money). A surprising 20% of all student loan debt is held by people age 50 or older.

How to save enough for a down payment (US News). It isn’t rocket science. A lot of it comes down to priorities, discipline, and time.

Are you guilty of this financial (and lifestyle) no-no? (Money Ning). Some people just need to talk about their financial situation; they’re not asking for advice.

How and when you should talk to your children about money — and why you should do it NOW! (Stock Charts). I’m a firm believer that kids can understand more about money at an earlier age than we often assume.

How to buy happiness (The Atlantic). The key factor in the happiest uses of money? Other people.

12 personal finance numbers you should know (The Long Game). You don’t need to figure out all of these all at once, but getting a handle on them over time will be useful.

11 ways to buy less (No Sidebar). Good, practical ways to put the brakes on frivolous spending.

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