Profitable Ideas: Tune Out The Investment Noise, The Problem With Possessions, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

10 things you shouldn’t care about as an investor (A Wealth of Common Sense). Access to information has never been easier, which is why it’s so important to decide what not to take in.

Earn, save, invest: 3 rich habits for life (Darius Foroux). A good starting framework, but it’s missing “give,” “spend smart,” and “avoid all debt except a reasonable mortgage.”

Teachers strive to bring more parents into personal finance education (CNBC). This is a good sign. Teaching about money in school is a good thing, but teaching about it at home is even better.

How to set realistic financial goals (The Everyday Advisor). It’s so fundamental, yet so seldom done. What are you pursuing?

High schools are posting their college lists. Don’t be misled. (NY Times). It would be helpful if they would also post the prices paid.

It’s not that possessions won’t make you happy (Becoming Minimalist). “…it’s that they distract you from the things that do.”

5 things that often lead parents into debt (Art Rainer). Yes, raising kids costs money, but parenthood also comes with many temptations to spend more than we need to.

7 steps to take now to catch up on retirement savings (NY Times). An action plan for those who are getting a late start.

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