Profitable Ideas: Why We Buy, Adding to Your Life Through Subtraction, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

Why do we buy what we buy? (VOX). One of my favorite writers on our competitive, comparative spending.

Why we struggle (Humble Dollar). The challenge to manage money well “isn’t complicated—and yet it isn’t so simple.”

How to make a debt reduction plan that works for you (Money Ning). Debt is a symptom of something else. Getting at that is the key to getting out.

If disaster strikes, your home insurance may not cover the cost of rebuilding (Money). Every area, it seems, is threatened by its own type of natural disaster. What is it in your area? And how well would your insurance cover you?

Stock market games in schools are harmful (The Evidence-Based Investor). I largely agree with this headline. It’s so much easier to buy and sell stocks when you’re using play money, and you can develop some harmful habits.

9 ways to improve your life through subtraction and the science behind it (Becoming Minimalist). We have a tendency to add to our lives when the better solution might be to take away.

Money rules (Collaborative Fund). What are one or two of your top money rules?

The tight labor market has companies reconsidering whether a college degree is a must (Fortune). A move toward “competency-based hiring” may mean it takes a lot less education to qualify for a good job.

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