Profitable Ideas: The Always/Everywhere Temptation to Spend, Quantifying the Value of College, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

E-commerce skyrocketed during the pandemic. Now Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat want in. (Retail Dive). Everywhere we turn, it’s becoming easier and more enticing to spend.

Why are so many knowledge workers quitting? (The New Yorker). Some thought the pandemic would lead to another Great Recession. Instead, it has brought about the Great Resignation.

Are Americans financially resilient? Recent study reveals recent college graduates are vulnerable (USA Today). Another warning about the heavy burden student loans create.

The great master’s-degree swindle (The Chronicle of Higher Education). Some schools offer very expensive degrees in fields that typically pay very little. 

Stewarding your calling (Christian Stewardship Network). Knowing how God has uniquely designed us can point us toward the most impactful and fulfilling work.

Even as millions of monthly child tax credit payments go out, some parents are still confused how they work (CNBC). The most important thing to know? They will impact next year’s tax bill.

Will that college degree pay off? (NY Times). A new study sought to measure the return on investment for various bachelor’s degree programs.

Learning to spend (Humble Dollar). After years of diligently saving for her children’s college costs, this writer found it very challenging to press the “confirm transaction” button.

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