Profitable Ideas: Holiday Shopping in the Midst of Covid, Debt ‘Shovels,’ and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

Here’s what could mess up your holiday shopping this year—and why you should start early (CNBC). Supply chain issues, mask mandates, and other reasons to start this year’s holiday shopping sooner than later.

The college rankings racket (James Fallows). When choosing a college, it’s important—and difficult—to know which metrics truly matter.

Homeowners say ‘no thanks’ to refinance savings—despite low mortgage rates (Yahoo Finance). If you’re waiting for rates to go even lower, you probably shouldn’t wait much longer.

How to teach young kids about money (Art Rainer). Good advice if you have kids eight years old or younger.

Digging out of debt: different “shovels” for different people (Money Ning). Snowball? Avalanche? Blizzard? Each method has its benefits.

Expand your don’t want list (Becoming Minimalist). Deciding what you don’t want adds contentment.

Be prepared (Humble Dollar). Most areas are vulnerable to some type of natural disaster. Are you ready?

Why it pays to check out home repair costs and contractors before an emergency arises (USA Today). Investing some time up front can save you a lot of money later.

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