Profitable Ideas: Nobody Dreams of a House Full of Stuff, Whether to Pay for Grades, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

Your biggest dreams do not include a house full of stuff (Becoming Minimalist). Look around. It’s possible that our dreams and our aspirations are not in synch. 

How to get your family to actually use a password manager (Wired). You finally got over the hurdle, but have you gotten your family on board?

Why parents should never give kids money for good grades at school (Luke 1428). Good, sound reasoning. 

Who should be my executor? (The Everyday Advisor). Too many people still don’t have a will, but once you decide to get one, you’ll need to decide who’ll be in charge.

Estate planning tips to keep your money in the family (US News). Some planning now could save a lot of hassle and heartache later.

Expect to pay more for heat this winter, energy department says (CBS Money Watch). Set your budget accordingly.

Helping them along (Humble Dollar). Some of the most beneficial things you can do to get your kids on the right financial path.

Saving for college: 5 costly mistakes to avoid (Schwab). Making it a priority to save is a good thing. Doing it wisely is even better.

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