Profitable Ideas: Great Resignation Accelerates, Minimalism and a Meaningful Life, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

The great resignation is accelerating (The Atlantic). The pandemic has upended the world of work. Will it ever be the same?

What’s a college degree worth? (Chronicle of Higher Education). It’s a very complicated question with a wide variety of answers. 

Don’t be stingy on your life (Your Money Blueprint). On finding the balance between overspending and underspending.

“Eco-score” labels make shopping more sustainable (Reasons to be Cheerful). Testing is underway in the UK to see if a new way of labeling food will catch on.

The restaurant with a solution to homelessness on the menu (Positive News). A creative idea that seems to be working.

Why ‘buy now, pay later’ worries Clark Howard (Clark Howard). The idea is “exploding” in popularity, but it has the potential to blow up your finances.

Through 8 years of minimalism, I created a meaningful life (Medium). “When you clear away the noise, it’s much easier to discover your sense of purpose.”

4 things that will never change for young investors (A Wealth of Common Sense). Good foundational advice, especially for those who are newer to investing.

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