Profitable Ideas: Up Your Confidence Game, Our Consumer Culture Floating Offshore, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

Want to sound more confident? Avoid these 11 words and phrases that make you look ‘weak,’ say grammar experts (CNBC). How we convey our thoughts can be just as important as the substance of those thoughts.

We chartered a boat to look at port congestion and saw how American greed is leading to shortages (Yahoo). It’s a little jarring to see our consumer culture in this light.

IRS announces 2022 tax rates, standard deduction amounts and more (Forbes). The standard deduction is getting a nice bump.

The IRS just increased the 401(k) contribution limit for 2022 (Money). Next year, you’ll be able to set aside more for retirement.

Caring doesn’t equate to competency (A Teachable Moment). What are you doing to make sure the next generation is prepared to manage what you leave them?

Keeping it (Humble Dollar). In a related article, the skills needed to maintain wealth are different than the skills needed to build it.

The hidden dangers of ‘buy now, pay later’ apps (Wired). I’m surprised these apps have found so much success. Please, take a pass.

Should I give my child an allowance? (The Budget Mom). How do you handle allowances with your kids?

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