Profitable Ideas: Surveillance Capitalism, Buy Nothing New This Holiday Season, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

You are the object of a secret extraction operation (NY Times). Ever heard of surveillance capitalism? You’re probably actively taking part in it.

No more side quests (The Reformed Broker). I love this post. It’s a powerful reminder to stay focused on what matters.

Two-year college degrees have diminished in value (Bloomberg). As with four-year schools, what you study makes all the difference.

Apple will sell parts so you can fix your iPhone or Mac in an apparent big win for right-to-repair advocates (CNBC). This is “a big win for ‘right-to-repair’ advocates and is an about-face for Apple.”

The poverty of riches (Forbes). Maybe we need to go back to the original meaning of “wealth.”

How to buy nothing new this holiday gifting season (NY Times). Some great ideas that might save you from the Black Friday madness.

Ask an economist: is it worth paying for excellence? (The Gospel Coalition). Many decisions in the name of good stewardship involve navigating gray areas. 

Hulu launches its own online shop, with ugly holiday sweaters and other perch (Tech Crunch). The latest in a growing line of online platforms that are becoming all about the sale.

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