Profitable Ideas: What’s Behind Your Money Worries, Random Acts of Kindness, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

What you’re really worried about when you’re worried about money (The Atlantic). It’s good to explore what’s behind our financial fears, and it’s interesting how generosity can redirect our focus in very healthy ways.

Starting early (Humble Dollar). Getting the young people in our lives started with a Roth IRA would be a huge gift.

Overcoming the emotional impulse to spend (Christian Stewardship Network). It takes more than knowledge to manage money well. It takes Truth.

Do you feel rich? (Seth Godin). Money — it’s complicated.

Got a ton of airline and hotel rewards points? Use them soon. (Bloomberg). Even if you can’t travel right now, there are probably other ways you can use your points.

America’s gambling addiction is metastasizing (The Atlantic). “Gambling produces corruption the way salt water produces rust.”

Dunkin’ employee surprised with fully furnished home from loyal customer (ABC News, h/t Daily Citizen). How a daily coffee habit turned into a friendship, and a very special gift.

25 acts of generosity (MoneyWise). Good ideas for random acts of kindness, and an extra joyful Christmas.

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