Profitable Ideas: The Market as Terrordome, More Costly Than a Fender Bender, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Welcome to the terrordome (A Teachable Moment). If the stock market has you worried, it may be best to face your fears head-on. 

A single traffic violation can cost you hundreds of dollars in car insurance (CNBC). The only thing that’ll hike your rates higher than a traffic violation is a… bad credit score!

A grand unified theory of buying stuff (Wired).  “I don’t buy stuff for my stuff” and other words of wisdom for living in our consumer culture.

Big skills (Collaborative Fund). Looking for one big skill to set you apart? Maybe that’s the wrong way to think about your career, your hobbies, your investing—your abilities.

Everything must be paid for twice (Raptitude). The cost of our stuff goes well beyond the price we pay.

8 surprising lessons a real estate editor learned buying her first house ( It’s one thing to write about real estate. It’s quite another to actually buy a house.

A lesson in speaking up for yourself: I saved $575 for a moment of discomfort (Get Rich Slowly). As I like to tell our kids, you never know what you can get unless you ask.

How to negotiate your salary (The Long Game). Speaking of asking, it can be intimidating to ask for more pay, and incredibly beneficial.

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