Profitable Ideas: Frugality and Funny Conversations, How Good Financial Habits Form, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Only an eight (Humble Dollar). Frugal living and the odd conversations it fosters.

Low expectations (Collaborative Fund). It’s something of a superpower, and it isn’t the same thing as pessimism. 

How do financial habits form — and can they be changed? (The White Coat Investor). Speaking of superpowers, the ability to cultivate good habits is right up there.

8 ways minimalism can help your finances (The Balance). A lot of us are drawn to the idea, but could use reminders like these to inch our way in that direction.

Just when Americans could use some extra cash, the average tax refund exceeds $3,400 this tax season—here’s why (MarketWatch). If you’re due a refund, make plans now for how you’ll use it. Waiting until the money is in hand may tempt you to use it in other ways.

Child tax credit expansion creates refund roller-coaster (Politico). And if you don’t get a refund, last year’s advance child tax credit payments may be to blame.

Waiving an inspection to buy a home can be ‘insane,’ real estate agent says, but this hack can help, if you pull it off (Acorns). When buying something with very expensive breakable moving parts, don’t buy it blind.

How should I think about college debt? (The Gospel Coalition). Points to consider for anyone with college-bound kids under roof. 

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