Profitable Ideas: No Need to Worry, Intro to Crypto, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

My go to Bible verse when I worry about money (Luke1428). Timely Truths we would all do well to remember.

Does your teen need to file a tax return? (Schwab). If your kids are planning to work this summer, here’s what you (and they) need to know about the tax implications.

How to keep money from tearing your friendships apart (Vox). It can get awkward, especially when one friend makes a lot more than another.

4 sustainable lifestyle changes that save you money (Sustainable Life Blog). Daily habits that are good for your wallet and for our world.

New cars that are cheap to own (Clark Howard). The purchase price is one thing, but ongoing costs can vary quite a bit from car to car.

Fashion Week heads to the metaverse. What does it mean for marketers? (Adweek). Ready or not, the metaverse is here. Might as well try to understand it. See also, Making money in the metaverse: early adopters seek real-life fortunes in virtual world (CBS Money Watch). 

3 questions for a values-based, impact-driven legacy (National Christian Foundation). Leaving money to your kids in a way that helps, not hurts.

Most Millennial and Gen Z investors say crypto is part of their retirement strategy (Money). Crypto may be becoming mainstream, but you should make sure you understand it before you invest in it. For an excellent primer, read Intro to Crypto.

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