Profitable Ideas: College Loses Its Luster, Quitting the Comparison Game, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

College degrees lose luster as inflation surges and student debt balloons (Bloomberg). I wonder if part of the problem is that too many entering freshmen don’t know what they want to study, which leads to delayed graduation, which leads to more cost.  

When will home prices fall? Here’s what experts predict (Money). In short, no one knows. But help for buyers might be on the horizon. See also, Mortgage demand falls to lowest level in 22 years amid rising rates and slowing home sales (CNBC).

25 chores to teach kids about the goodness of work (The Gospel Coalition). As soon as they are physically able, all kids should help out around the house. Here’s where to put them to work, and how to help them understand why.

Want to succeed? Stop comparing yourself to others (Darius Forum). Of course, that isn’t so easy. See also, Choose Your Financial Role Models Well  

The life fulfilling joy of living in alignment (Becoming Minimalist). Knowing the purpose of our life makes financial decision-making much easier.

More than half of teens think investing is too confusing; Fidelity shares resources to help parents have “the talk” (Fidelity). The earlier kids get started with investing, the better. Even though they may not have a ton of money, they have an abundance of time, which can turn a little into a lot.

The myth of passive real estate investing (Kiplinger). This author argues that it isn’t nearly as easy as it may seem.

Beware of a bear market that is more than a cub (Bloomberg).The market doesn’t always recover as quickly as it did in 2020.

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