Profitable Ideas: Rewriting Your Money Script, Becoming a Better Investor, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

How to figure out your “money script” — and change the way you handle your finances (Money Ning). We all have conversations about money going on in our minds. Change the conversation and you could change your experience with money.

The difference between busy and non-busy people (Becoming Minimalist). What do you need to start saying “no” to?

Keep it going (Collaborative Fund). Wonderful words of wisdom for all who aspire to excel at investing.

Sports betting ads are everywhere. Some worry gamblers will pay a steep price. (NPR). Some argue that sports betting is just a form of entertainment. I’m not a fan.

Advertising in the meta verse (Bloomberg). This seems likely to become more popular, with implications for how we spend, how we experience advertising, and even how we learn about money.

A strong summer job market for teenagers (NY Times). Does your teen have a job this summer? If not, it’s rarely been easier to find one.

Maintaining the right balance in our saving (Christian Stewardship Network). Finding the sweet spot between saving enough and saving —or worrying about saving—too much.

What is fast fashion—and how it’s destroying the planet (Reader’s Digest). How much do you think about this issue when deciding where and how often to shop for clothes?

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