Profitable Ideas: The Facebook Retirement Plan, Amish Money Management, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Don’t let Facebook ruin your retirement plan (A Teachable Moment). Beware the money-related ads that clutter your feed as you scroll through your friends’ vacation photos.

8 basic skills that can pay you handsomely (Better Humans). None of them require learning how to code.

5 things you do that ruin your credit score (Money Ning). That three-digit number is your financial reputation. Know how to keep it strong.

3 things to consider before taking out a loan (Compass — Finances God’s Way). In essence, move slow and ask yourself some tough questions.

Older Americans go back to work in next frontier of labor force (Bloomberg). A warning for younger folks: Make sure you’re saving enough for your later years.

Six things I’ve learned from the Amish about living intentionally (Becoming Minimalist). You don’t have to drive a horse and buggy to benefit from these practices.

Cash strapped but still trying to keep up with the Kardashians: how social media drives bad spending habits (CNBC). Pair this one with Choose Your Financial Role Models Well and embrace the idea of “social indifference.”

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