Profitable Ideas: Raising Savers, Storm-Prepping Your Biggest Investment, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

How to talk to your kids about saving (The Everyday Advisor). First, figure out if you’re dealing with a natural saver or a natural spender.

Three things that stop us talking about money worries (The Evidence-Based Investor). Maybe we just need to make the first move. Sharing something difficult can create the space for a friend to do the same.

Why your clients should consider umbrella insurance (Think Advisor). Written for advisors, but with good counsel for all.

How many consumers are shopping in virtual reality and what can it offer them? (World Economic Forum). What do you think? Is this trend likely to gain momentum?

Bed, Bath & Beyond’s cautionary tale for meme-stock mania (The Atlantic). The only thing odder than the emergence of “meme-stock mania” during the height of the pandemic is its continuation.

What parents can do to stop money and mania from ruining kids’ sports (Better Humans). There are a lot of positives associated with youth sports, and a lot of opportunities for parents to mess up the experience. 

Someone stole my truck. I got a crash course on the wild black market for stolen cars (Planet Money). Some friends in our neighborhood recently had their SUV stolen from their garage! What are you doing to protect your car?

Preparing financially, before the storm hits (NY Times). For starters, check to see whether your insurance is adequate.

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