Profitable Ideas: The “Overfinancialized” Life, Fuel-Efficient Routing, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

The overfinancialization of everything (Young Money). Don’t go through life understanding the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

Why watching decluttering videos feels so good (Wired). But how many videos will it take before we actually tackle the junk drawer?

For every vacation home fantasy, there’s a harsh financial reality (Wall Street Journal). When estimating rental income, be very, very conservative. See also, One critical piece of advice for second-home owners: ‘You gotta have a guy’ (MarketWatch).

Biden’s inflation law offers up to $14,000 for home upgrades. Here’s how to qualify. (CBS Money Watch). Planning any upgrades to your home? The government may be here to help.

Fuel-efficient routing: here’s how you can make your road journey more eco-friendly (World Economic Forum). Interesting new tool from Google Maps. We can do this on our own as well by being more intentional about how we run errands and how often.

What is financial psychology? (Morningstar). It sways more of our decisions, and in more significant ways, than we realize.

Imposter syndrome is a professional superpower (Bloomberg). It could be a sign that you’re setting your sights high.

Focus and finding your favorite problems (Neckar’s Minds and Markets). This one may seem off topic, but it has a lot of relevance for our career or ministry and why we’re investing.

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