Profitable Ideas: 12 Simple Ways to Save Money, Physical Wallets Are So Yesterday, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

12 simple ways to save money (Becoming Minimalist). Simple indeed, and effective.

There’s more upside than downside for long-term investors (Sam Ro). It’s been a brutal years for investors, but every bear market in history has eventually turned into a bull market.

These are common and costly IRA conversion mistakes (CNBC). Bear markets are generally good times to convert shares held in a traditional IRA a Roth. Just be sure you do it right.

5 meaningful ways to invest for your children long-term (Get Y Planning). Good summary of the ways to save for college. 

Understanding our regrets today can improve our financial tomorrow (Kiplinger). Four categories of regret and how understanding each one may help you move past it.

Microsoft, other tech companies dominate list of businesses with best perks and benefits (USA TODAY). Benefits are an increasingly valuable part of the compensation picture.

Eleven giving guidelines to fight the pull of materialism (Randy Alcorn via MoneyWise). One of the many benefits of giving is that it completely upends the overarching messages of our consumer culture.

Apple is becoming more and more like a bank (Fast Company). If Apple had its way, no one would carry a physical wallet anymore.

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