Profitable Ideas: Avoiding a Common Check Scam, Bear Market Opportunities, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

How to spot, avoid, and report fake check scams (FTC). These scams have become all too common, and costly.

The skills you should know before moving out on your own (Vox). Good tips for young adults—and some good reminders for parents about practical lessons to teach our kids.

When teens resist extracurriculars, what to do (Screenagers). According to “Grit” author Angela Duckworth, “There are countless research studies showing that kids who are more involved in extracurriculars fare better on just about every conceivable metric—they earn better grades, have higher self-esteem, are less likely to get in trouble and so forth.” 

Stay the course: success happens one step at a time (Luke1428). Good lessons from one family’s journey toward paying off their mortgage.

Bear market opportunities for every generation of investors (A Wealth of Common Sense). Bear markets are no fun, but they eventually turn into bull markets and that can spell opportunity for all.

The rise of luxury surveillance (The Atlantic). Technology can help our lives in countless ways, but it also comes with the responsibility to understand what we might be giving up for the convenience.

How can we keep a loose grip on possessions? (Eternal Perspective Ministries). Randy Alcorn always has helpful and challenging things to say about money and what it can buy.

7 plumbing mistakes most people are guilty of making ( To save on home repairs, take care of your pipes!

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